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These links are to assist our customers with finding useful information relating to drinking water safety, conservation, regulations, etc.

PA One Call SystemIf you are planning to dig “by hand or excavator” call or contact PA ONE CALL to have water/sewer/electric/gas line locations marked to prevent damage to these critical systems. Dial #811 or call 1-800-242-1776 prior to digging.

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – The primary federal agency which regulates water utilities and sets standards for safe drinking water through the United States. For information regarding the Mid-Atlantic Region please call either 215-814-5000 or 800-438-2474.

US Environmetnal Protection Agency

PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) – The primary state agency which directly regulates the operation of the NBWA. For information call 717-705-4708.

PA Department of Environmental Protection

NBWA Lead in Drinking Water Tap Samples (PDF)

Reducing Lead Exposure (Link to EPA website)

Newport Borough Water Authority June 2016 Update (PDF)

Billing & Payment Upgrade: Muni-Link

Conserve Water

Check out resources to help you save water to lower your bills and to protect this resource and the environment both now and for generations to come.

Winter Readiness

Review a list of suggested preventative measures before the cold winter weather can cause damage.


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