We charge a monthly connection fee based on the size of your service line.  This fee supports the upkeep of our system to maintain service to that line.

We may have received your payment after the due date or after the new bills were processed.

There are five municipal groundwater wells and the River Plant processes water from the Juniata River.

It is possible that you have a leaky toilet, faucet, or water heater.  Sometimes these leaks can be difficult to detect and are quietly using extra gallons of water.

Chlorine in small amounts is injected into drinking water as a treatment to prevent the growth of bacteria within the piping system.  This is a DEP requirement.

First, check your meter and other areas for a leak, then check your faucet screens, shower heads and hot water heater for debris that may be obstructing the water flow.

All public water systems are required to test their water and submit results to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) as required by law.

You may need to have your hot water heater flushed.  To prevent injury or damage to equipment, it is recommended that you hire a professional to perform this procedure.

It is important that water meters are protected from the elements, especially extreme cold to prevent freezing.

If after contacting us to tell us about your concern you feel the issue has not been resolved to your satisfaction, please fill out and submit a Customer Complaint Form to us (by email or mail) and we will investigate the situation.