We are proud to announce that we have upgraded our billing and payment software solutions to Muni-Link by Link Computer Corporation. For over 35 years, Link Computer Corporation has been developing software in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regions and Muni-Link is the only municipal software on the market with the unique distinction of being designed with input from four Municipal Authorities, that together bill for over 190,000 service accounts.

Muni-Link software will allow you, our valued customers, enhanced security, more payment options and better access to your account. Sign up for E-billing or pay online with your credit or debit card (there is a 2.65% or $3.00 minimum service charge for this convenience). In the near future, you will also be to schedule regular auto-draft payments through your bank. Creating an account at our customer service portal will allow you the ability to access past bills and payment history from your computer or mobile device.